Disclosure Policy

PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk
Disclosure Policy

Disclosure of information has been an important element of Good Corporate Governance. The Board of Directors of PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk (“LPCK”) has regulated the Disclosure Policy that applies to shareholders, investors, public, and other stakeholders. The disclosure is to ensure that the disclosed information is legitimate, accurate, correct, and clear.

Information of LPCK in various method such as in writing, verbal, by telephone, internet, press releases to journalists or investors (press conference), teleconference, or any other kinds of method used by government agencies or other persons to give information to the general public are all covered in this Disclosure Policy.

The standard of Disclosure

  1. Disclosure of material information that has not yet been released by the Company to the public must be informed correctly, accurately, carefully, and completely. The disclosure is so that investors and shareholders receive complete information easily, adequately, and conveniently. The information should be provided in LPCK’s website and the timing must be prudent as well.
  2. Disclosure of information that is ‘Forward-looking’ or anticipated regarding on the direction of the business and the forecast of the Company’s future operations should be made cautiously.
  3. Disclosure of material information that has been disclosed to the public (Material Public Information) should be made clearly and accurately to avoid any confusion. Subsequent information regarding Material Public Information should be clear and consistent to avoid any confusion or miscommunication of the previously disclosed information.
  4. Disclosure of other material (Non-material) should be made truthfully without any intention to mislead others from the actual financial status, stock prices, or operational performance. Disclosure of information should not lead into assumptions that the stock price will rise or fall.
  5. Disclosure of information that might have an impact of the business should be undertaken with such care.

The regulation of BAPEPAM Rule Number X.K.1 : Disclosure of Information That Must Be Made Public Immediately, Attachment : Decision of the Chairman of Bapepam Number : KEP-86/PM/1996 Date : January 24, 1996 states that every Public Company that has been registered and become effective, must inform Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (“OJK”) and disclose to the public as soon as possible, no later than 2 (two) days after the decision or changes in Information or Material Facts that will affect the share value of the Company or Investor’s decision.

The Material Information

Events, information or material facts, that may reasonably effect the price of securities or investors' decisions may, among other things, consist of:

  1. A merger, acquisition, consolidation or establishment of a joint venture;
  2. A Stock split or distribution of stock dividends;
  3. An unusual dividend;
  4. An acquisition or loss of an important contract;
  5. A significant new product or innovation;
  6. A change in control or significant change in management;
  7. A call for the purchase or redemption of debt Securities;
  8. A sale of a material amount of Securities to the public or in a limited manner;
  9. A purchase, or loss from the sale, of a material asset
  10. A relatively important labor dispute;
  11. Any important litigation against the Company and/or the Company’s Directors or Commissioners;
  12. An offer to purchase Securities of another Company;
  13. The replacement of the Accountant who audits the Company;
  14. The replacement of the Company’s Trustee; and
  15. A change in the Company’s fiscal year.

Authorized Person to Disclose Material Information

LPCK has regulated that the following persons are authorized to respond to inquiries or provide Material Information:

  1. The CEO of LPCK;
  2. The President Director of LPCK;
  3. The Director of Investor Relations; and
  4. Persons designated by 1, 2 or 3.

The Timing of Disclosure of Material Information

LPCK is very strict and careful in keeping material information or other related information so that it will not be released before the designated date, especially during the two-week period prior to the disclosure date.

No employee is allowed to disclose any information at any time unless designated by the CEO, and the President Director of LPCK.