GCG Principle



The increasingly complex business environment has demanded the Company to always keep up a strong implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG). Not only it allows the entire organs to perform in accordance with the Company’s business direction, GCG has also helped create a culture and values that not only proves to give benefit to the company, but also to all stakeholders. In an effort to align those interest with the Company’s objectives, the Company always adheres to the five principles Governance in its day-to-day business activities. The fives Principles are.


  1. Transparency

    As a publicly listed company, the Company must be managed according to the principles of transparency. At the Company, this principle is implemented through the availability of accurate and adequate information related to the Company activities and achievements both in financial and non- financial terms. Accurate information available to stakeholders allows them to make calculated decisions depending on their interests in the Company. Information is released periodically and in a timely manner. Media used include the Annual Report and Biyearly Financial Statements in published in mass media. In addition, any current information considered relevant and material enough on issues pertaining to the Company is disclosed through a variety of media such as quarterly reports, press releases, and uploaded in the Company’s website at http://www.lippo-cikarang.com

  2. Accountability

    Accountability is one of the main prerequisites in order for the Company to achieve success and sustainable performance. Therefore, the Company’s is managed on a corporate governance structure where each existing organ has clear roles and functions in order to synergize with one another.

  3. Responsibility

    Every company is responsible for all activities it carries out and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations including its own Articles of Association, Limited Liability Company Act, the Capital Market Authority and all regulations passed by the Indonesia Stock Exchange where the Company’s shares are listed and traded. As a good corporate citizen, the Company also observes its responsibility towards the society and the environment while providing benefits. The Company realizes that the surrounding communities also have a role in maintaining the Company’s business sustainability in the log run. This responsibility is embodied in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs through community development and environmental conservation activities.

  4. Independence

    GCG implementation will go well if a company is managed independently to ensure no particular organ dominates or intervenes other functions of the Company. Based on this principle, the Company should be managed independently by professionals. The Company has a Code of Ethics in place that is more specifically set up on the implementation of independence in order to prevent conflict of interest so that any business decision can be made objectively.

  5. Equality and Fairness

    Every company must also base its operations on the principle of Equality and Fairness. In this regard, the Company has made a broad access to information available to all stakeholders through various communication media. Internally, the Company provides equal opportunity for new employees and opens up career opportunities for each one of them regardless of race, culture, religion, gender, or physical condition.